Privacy Policy

Susana C. Da Silveira e S. Galhoz, head of Silveira's Ourivesarias Online Goldsmith's Shop, pursues in the exercise of its activity a policy of protection of the personal data of those I can contact, namely Clients and Users, complying with the rules of General Regulation on Data Protection approved by EU Directive No. 2016/679, and other applicable legislation.

The current Privacy Policy may in the future be subject to changes and updates, without prior notice, which will be community in the site of Silveira's Ourivesarias.

Collection, Processing and Protection of Personal Data

By contacting the Silveira's Ouriverarias website, the Client or user accepts in a free, clear and express way that their personal data collected at the initiative of the company and / or voluntarily assigned are treated in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

The Client and user, holder of personal data, may submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) under the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

At Silveira's Ourivesarias we pay careful attention to the protection of data that can directly or indirectly identify the natural persons who come into contact with it, adopting all procedures in order to protect the same personal data and its confidentiality.

Provides the company with updated organizational solutions and adequate techniques for the preservation of the personal data of its Users and users of the site, against illicit access.

In addition to the security measures adopted by Silveira's Ourivesarias, all those who enter into contracts or those who use this Website must have up-to-date security measures in their equipment.

Use and Retention of Data

The company that owns the Silveira's Ourivesarias Website is responsible for collecting and processing the data, strictly indispensable for the execution and execution of a contract with itself, or direct marketing, which are provided by its owner, in a free and informed manner and informed, when you intend to purchase any existing product in the store, or provide a service or information.

These data are also collected and treated in the same terms, when they are intended to comply with legal obligations, namely billing, and in other specific cases the express, free and informed consent of the holder has been given when filling out and validating electronic form .

In any case the processing of said data will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected, or for the period established by law, or when the data subject withdraws their consent.

Data Quality

The data collected will be: name, address, telephone number, date of birth and NIF, all of them necessary for registering the Client, processing and sending the request and issuing the corresponding tax documents, as well as certifying the minimum age accepted as client.

The holder of Silveira's Goldsmiths will not communicate the personal data of its Clients and users to Third Parties, except if this constitutes for a company a legal obligation, and in strict necessity of this, ensuring their confidentiality and security.

The exercise of rights

The company that owns the site Silveira's Ourivesarias, guarantees to its Customers and users, free of charge, with respect to their personal data, the exercise of access rights, obtaining all information about them and their treatment, being able to rectify them, its portability, or require its erasure, except in cases in which its maintenance stems from legal imperative.

On the same terms, you can object or withdraw your consent to a particular data processing, or limit your treatment.

If there are excessive or frequent requests, the company may charge a fee corresponding to the actual administrative cost to fulfill the request.

The exercise of your rights may be exercised in writing with the company that owns Silveira's Ourivesaria, in the following contacts:

Susana C. Da Silveira and S. Galhoz

Address: Rua do Lumiar nº 24 ---- 1750-163 Lisboa


Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on the client's computer more or less permanently (with defined duration) or temporary for each session, through the browser, storing in your text only the data referring to the user's preferences, not identifying or collecting personal data only recognizes in the future the device from which it is accessed.

Silveiras's Ourivesarias uses Cookies to optimize performance and obtain statistical data. However, the user may not accept your receipt by the system, but the refusal to use it may prevent you from obtaining any information, diminish the quality of access to the webside, or prevent the provision of the intended service.