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After a period of maturation after university studies, the time has come for the materialization of a long-held project, consisting of the purchase and sale of jewelery made from precious metals, with or without precious stones encrusted, that is the activity of goldsmith shop.
So, the Silveira's brand  is created to gives identity to an activity that is intended tor quality, not only in the products it offers, but also in the rigor of the services it offers.
The holder, a descendant of a family that has been working in jewelery since the beginning of the twentieth century, has resumed this family tradition, giving it a personal and current, but maintaining the tradition in quality, rigor and credibility .
For this, in addition to the practical knowledge obtained in the environment, obtained credentials, studying and obtaining training in the various aspects of goldsmith and jewelery.
In 2014, after graduation, and passed the exam, administered by the Contrastaria de Lisboa of the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, she was awarded the title of Official Evaluator, and was then placed in the District of West Lisbon.
They are also part of his education:
- Course of Initiation to Gemology APG / IGP (2011) - Portuguese Gemology Association, Lisbon
-Diplomada in Gemologia APG / IGP (2011/2012) - Portuguese Gemological Association, Lisbon
-Academy Summer of AR.CO (2012) - Center for Art and Visual Communication, Lisbon
-Inatel Jewelery Enameling Course (2012/2013), Lisbon (Portugal)
-Marque Molds in Jewelry AR.CO (2013) - Center of Art and Visual Communication, Lisbon
- Professional Course of Initiation to Jewelery Lisbon Jewelery Center (2014), Lisbon
-Course "Between gold and jewels ... treasures of jewelery in portugal and brazil" (2016), Lisbon
-Course of "Initiation to Expert in Portuguese Prayer" (2016), Lisbon
-Course of "Portuguese and Brazilian Jewelery of the XVIII century" (2017), Lisbon
Finally, after the licensing of Contrastaria de Lisboa, the activity of Goldsmithing under the name of Silveira's Ourivesarias began, in this first moment through an online store, with transactions directed to the entire National territory, through which we will reach all customers with quality products and services and in which the satisfaction of these will be the primary objective.

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