Terms & Conditions

The activity of Goldsmith Retailer is exercised by the online store on www.silveirasourivesarias.pt, licensed by Contrastaria de Lisboa, Title no. T1116 of Retalhista de Ourivesaria- Site, through which customers make their purchases, celebrating a distance contract with the company.

The mentioned site is registered in favor of Susana C. Da Silveira e S. Galhoz, entrepreneur in individual name with Tax Identification Number 219313431, and tax domicile in Beja.

Contacts with customers can be established through the website www.silveirasourivesarias.pt, as well as the Customer Support Service and Order Management Service admin-@silveirasourivesarias.pt, and also  privacidade@silveirasourivesarias .pt., or others that appear on the same site.

First Clause - Object

1 - silveirasourivesarias.pt is an online store where its owner intends to commercialize artifacts of goldsmithing, new or used, under the terms designated by RJOC - Legal Regime of Goldsmiths and Constratarias.

2 - In agreements entered into between the owner of the online store and all those who buy their products through said website (customers), the parties agree that the established contractual relationship is governed by the terms established in this Section (Terms and Conditions) and supplemented by applicable law.

3 - These Terms and Conditions may be changed without prior notice, in compliance with the law, by simply publishing it on the site silveirasourivesarias.pt.

Clause Two - Site Organization and Mandatory Information

1 - The site is organized by categories of objects. Each category contains the objects organized in a catalog, each object being individually displayed in more than one photographic image.

2 - All articles displayed on the site, when applicable, are legally marked.

3 - A legend indicating the metal or metals of the articles, namely the touch, the weight and the type of gemological material, shall be indicated for each item.

4 -  The trademark board (paperboard) may be consulted, or by linking to the INCM website: https://www.incm.pt/portal/img/fotos/contrastarias/marcas_legais_das_contrastarias_portuguesas.png 

5 - The buyer in case of doubt about authenticity of the marks, can resort to the Services of the Contrast.

6 - In the case of used precious metal objects, the buyer may use the services of an Appraiser on the List of Appraisers on the INCM website: https://www.incm.pt/portal/uco_ao.jsp

7 - In the case of precious metals, silver, gold, platinum and palladium, their daily quotation may be known through the Banco de Portugal website: www.bportugal.pt and https://pt.bullion-rates.com

Clause Three - Registration

1 - To be able to make purchases on the site www.silveirasourivesarias.pt, the future client will have access to the Reserved Area of ​​Customers, and for this to register.

2 - Only those over 18 years of age with full contractual capacity can register and make purchases in this online store.

3 - To register, you will be asked to fill out an online registration document where you must fill in correctly and keep up to date the mandatory elements, namely, name, date of birth, address and contacts, essential elements for issuing invoices and receipts , as well as for the despatch of orders.

4 - The Customer when registering must choose a username and password to be able to access the Reserved Area in the future, not to divulge them.

5 - The personal data collected, are subject to confidentiality, and the owner of the same, whenever he wishes, in legal terms, access to them, require its modification or elimination. Vidé our Privacy Policy.

Clause Four - Purchase of products

1 - The customer that wants to buy any product from the store online, must select the object or objects within the respective categories and add to your virtual shopping cart, following all stages of the purchase until it is completed.

2 - In the case of rings or alliances, it is the responsibility of the Client to correctly indicate the measure, according to the table that appears in the site, reason why, by this error, the object can not be returned.

3- You should confirm the list of articles you want to buy, as well as your amount to pay, accepting the contractual terms and conditions.

4 - The amount payable includes the price of objects plus VAT at the legal rate in force, as well as shipping costs when applicable.

5 - The Customer shall also confirm the data for the billing, as well as the address to send the order, or indicate another address if applicable, being responsible for any omission that impairs the good processing and sending of the order.

6 - Finally, the Client will choose the desired form of payment and the process will be concluded with the presentation of the data for payment.

7 - The Customer, upon completing the order, expressly and conscientiously confirms that it implies the obligation to pay.

8 - An email will be sent as soon as the process has been successfully completed, confirming the conclusion of the contract under the pre-contractual rules.

9 - The order will only be processed after confirmation of payment.

Clause Fifth - Products in Stock and Delivery Time

1 - All products placed on the site of Silveira's Ourivesarias are available for processing of delivery within a maximum of 30 days.

2 - The normal deadlines for delivery of orders, except for reasons of force majeure, that can not be checked by the shipper, shall be for the Continent up to 3 working days and for the Archipelago up to 6 working days, depending on the transportation constraints.

3 - As the order processing will only be done after confirmation of payment, it may happen that in the meantime a stock breach occurs.

4 - In the case of a stock breach, or of customized articles, in which the delivery times exceed the one mentioned in point 1, or that due to the need to be manufactured new object by the supplier, a price change occurs, the Customer will be contacted for:

4.1 - To decide on the maintenance of the interest in the object that ordered, with new deadline and / or change in price;

4.2 - If you want to substitute another object, compensating for the difference in prices;

4.3 - If it is desired to return the amount paid with the purchase of the ordered item.

5 - Silveira's Goldsmiths, will return in the short term the amount spent by the Client to acquire the object, if he opts for the reimbursement referred to in point 4.3, waiving this to any other compensation or compensation.

6 - Silveira's Ourivesarias makes a careful management of your site, and changes may occur in the products offered and their prices, without prior notice other than their insertion in the site.

Clause Six - Shipping and Delivery

1 - The orders and corresponding receipt, will be sent through CTT, under registration with hand delivery to the Client, at the address that appears in the records.

2 -The Customer can follow the order's itinerary through the link available on Silveira's Ourivesarias website, or the contacts mentioned in it.

3 - The shipping costs will be free for orders over € 40.00 (forty euros).

4 - For orders of value lower than that referred to in the previous number, the costs will cost € 5.00 (five euros) + IVA.

5 - The total price appears on the respective receipt and includes the price of the goods, VAT at legal rate, freight charges if applicable and other charges when applicable.

Clause 7 - Forms of Payment

1 - The Customer has two means of payment of his order:

1.1 - Bank transfer to IBAN -

1.2 - ATM reference

2 - In the case of a bank transfer, to better identify the payment and expedite the sending of the order, it should refer to the reference of the order, or send a scanned copy of the coupon of the transfer to the Customer Support.

3 - Regarding the payment by Multibanco Reference, it must be done within 5 (five) consecutive days, after witch it will be canceled.

4 - The Client may also receive the order if, within 3 (three) days, he uniquivocally manisfests his claim trough the costumer support e-mail admin@silveirasourivesarias.com, or makes a new order.

5 - Whether in one case or in another case it is dependent on the existence of the good in stock, applying the respective regime, contained in Clause Five, with the necessary adaptations.

Clause Eight - Termination of Contract

1 - The Customer has the right to freely resolve the contract within a period of 14 (fourteen) consecutive days, counted from the day the order was received by him or by a third party authorized by him.

2 - For this purpose, you must fill in and send to the supplier of the goods, within that period, the attached free model: Formulário

3 - Returning also the goods or goods to be purchased, bearing the cost of the return of the goods, and taking responsibility for their security until delivery to the supplier. 

4 - When returning the order, the Customer must use the same form and means by which he received it, the costs being those that are currently included in the CTT price lists. 

5 - The return order must contain not only the goods but also all the elements that accompanied them in the shipment to the Customer, namely the original packaging, labels, warranty certificate and receipt. 

6 All things being equal, the supplier of the goods, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which he became aware of the decision to terminate the contract, and receive the goods returned, reimburses the Client for all payments received.

7 - There will be no reimbursement of the additional costs of delivery, when this has been more costly than that provided in the contract, and has occurred at the request of the Customer.

8 - The right of the consumer to the free termination of the contract ceases, if the returned good shows signs of use, faults in its components, changes in the form or other that imply its depreciation resulting from a lack of care in handling.

9 - It also ceases, when the goods are designed at Customer's request, as well as customized in any way.

Clause Nine - Guarantee and After-Sales Assistance

1 - The goods purchased at Silveira's Ourivesarias are covered by a manufacturer's warranty for a period of two years.

2 - If there is a manufacturing defect or a defect resulting from it during the warranty period, the Customer must complete the appropriate form online and return the goods to Silveira's Ourivesarias warehouse together with a copy of the respective receipt.

3 - Confirmed by the Technical Services the framework of what happened in the guarantee, the situation will be repaired and the good or a new good will be sent to the Customer, and the shipping costs will be borne by Silveira's Ourivesarias.

4 - If the defect or malfunction resulting from misuse or poor handling of the responsibility of the Customer, it is not covered by the guarantee, and the latter is advised of this fact.

5 - In the situation referred to in the previous number, or in case of repairs outside the warranty period, technical assistance of the brand may be provided, to be evaluated case by case and always with prior acceptance by the Client of the budgeted costs and postage costs .

Clause Tenth - Forum

For all legal disputes arising out of the agreements entered into between the parties in this online sale mode, the parties agree to designate the Judicial Court of the Comarca de Beja, to the exclusion of any other.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (RAL)

      Entities with jurisdiction for Alternative Dispute Resolution:


      Center of arbitration of Lisbon-  http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt/

Complaint Book- https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio